I’m Kristin M Roach and I’m an artist, naturalist, and apothecary owner. Trained in painting with a history in craft & fibers (Craft Leftovers), I take an interdisciplinary approach to my work. I use scientific data and cast-off materials to create drawings, paintings, and immersive installations about my backyard ecology.

I’m best known for my monochromatic paintings of migratory birds on junk mail. My art and zines are internationally exhibited and collected and my book, Mend it Better, has been published worldwide. I currently live and work in Ames, Iowa.

So welcome to my corner of the internet. Grab a cup of tea, cozy up, and let me tell you about the birds and business that have become my life’s work and what I’ve learned about art making, conservation, and being a creative entrepreneur.

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Art Vacancy COVID Edition

Last summer, in the midst of the shut down I received the Iowa Arts Council Individual Artist Project Grant and was able to distribute $4800 directly to twelve local artist through a curated series of shop front window exhibits in Downtown Ames, Iowa. The project brought a spark of hope and cultural interest during aContinue reading “Art Vacancy COVID Edition”

junk mail migration

Many years ago I became a little obsessed with junk mail. Where did it come from? Why was it in my mail box? How can I use it to make art so I don’t have to spend so much money on new paper for art class? Seriously. After an intense semester at Northern Illinois UniversityContinue reading “junk mail migration”