I’m Kristin M Roach and I’m an artist, naturalist, and apothecary owner. Trained in painting with a history in craft & fibers (Craft Leftovers), I take an interdisciplinary approach to my work. I use scientific data and cast-off materials to create drawings, paintings, and immersive installations about my backyard ecology.

I’m best known for my monochromatic paintings of migratory birds on junk mail. My art and zines are internationally exhibited and collected and my book, Mend it Better, has been published worldwide. I currently live and work in Ames, Iowa.

So welcome to my corner of the internet. Grab a cup of tea, cozy up, and let me tell you about the birds and business that have become my life’s work and what I’ve learned about art making, conservation, and being a creative entrepreneur.

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Painting Day Flowers with Gouache

Late spring and into summer this gem finds its way into new parts of my yard. While some may consider it a weed, it’s so easy remove if needed I tend to let it wander without worry. It tends to show up in a corner of the garden that’s not been planted and within aContinue reading “Painting Day Flowers with Gouache”

Getting Curious about Bloody Dock

So sure about its identity as red sorrel, I even wrote it on the original in pen as the title. Then I looked it up and well, it just wasn’t. So if not red sorrel then what? This one really had me stumped and launched a discussion about identifying volunteer plants in the yard, IContinue reading “Getting Curious about Bloody Dock”

The Backyard Botanicals Gouache Collection

These plein air field studies in natural ink and gouache capture the vitality and beauty of even the humblest plant. Native, naturalized, and invasive plants are all captured equally as they appear in my yard throughout the seasons.