Painting Day Flowers with Gouache

Late spring and into summer this gem finds its way into new parts of my yard. While some may consider it a weed, it’s so easy remove if needed I tend to let it wander without worry. It tends to show up in a corner of the garden that’s not been planted and within aContinue reading “Painting Day Flowers with Gouache”

Getting Curious about Bloody Dock

So sure about its identity as red sorrel, I even wrote it on the original in pen as the title. Then I looked it up and well, it just wasn’t. So if not red sorrel then what? This one really had me stumped and launched a discussion about identifying volunteer plants in the yard, IContinue reading “Getting Curious about Bloody Dock”

Introducing the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

Let me tell you a little bit about this bird and share some resources that will increase your chances of seeing them in your area and how you can help them continue to thrive.