Give & Receive 1,800 acres of Iowa Woodlands for Christmas

It’s a gift from me to you and you to me… if we all work together by December 31st. The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation is raising funds so they can add 1800 acres of woodlands, a lake, and prairies into the Iowa State Forest & Park system. Previously a scout camp, this land is goingContinue reading “Give & Receive 1,800 acres of Iowa Woodlands for Christmas”

Painting Day Flowers with Gouache

Late spring and into summer this gem finds its way into new parts of my yard. While some may consider it a weed, it’s so easy remove if needed I tend to let it wander without worry. It tends to show up in a corner of the garden that’s not been planted and within aContinue reading “Painting Day Flowers with Gouache”

Getting Curious about Bloody Dock

So sure about its identity as red sorrel, I even wrote it on the original in pen as the title. Then I looked it up and well, it just wasn’t. So if not red sorrel then what? This one really had me stumped and launched a discussion about identifying volunteer plants in the yard, IContinue reading “Getting Curious about Bloody Dock”

Introducing the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

Let me tell you a little bit about this bird and share some resources that will increase your chances of seeing them in your area and how you can help them continue to thrive.

Art Vacancy COVID Edition

Last summer, in the midst of the shut down I received the Iowa Arts Council Individual Artist Project Grant and was able to distribute $4800 directly to twelve local artist through a curated series of shop front window exhibits in Downtown Ames, Iowa. The project brought a spark of hope and cultural interest during aContinue reading “Art Vacancy COVID Edition”