A sculptural installation composed of three beeswax cell groupings that ranged in size from 5×6′, 8×12′ and 4’x20′. The introduction to the show was an MRI of my brain post seizure projected over a 8′ graphite drawing of my skull x-ray post seizure when my nose was broken. 

The cell lighting pattern was created in partnership with my partner Jason Shaw using the data from an EEG taken from a typical seizure patient suffering from the same kind of disorder I have. As the program progresses through the data, the intensity and color pattern changes from a mild green and blue to a more intense red and yellows at the height of the seizure. The room then cuts to darkness and the pattern starts again.

The cells were handmade from beeswax, linen, and wire using a woven wrapping method developed for the purpose. Special thanks to all those who spent countless hours with me in the studio wrapping cells and waxing them.

One of the most rewarding parts of this piece was its ability to captivate attendees. They sat with the work. They shared stories of the feeling of hopelessness they felt when they or someone they loved was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. And the hope they now shared through the sharing of my experience living with lifelong a seizure disorder.