Give & Receive 1,800 acres of Iowa Woodlands for Christmas

It’s a gift from me to you and you to me… if we all work together by December 31st.

The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation is raising funds so they can add 1800 acres of woodlands, a lake, and prairies into the Iowa State Forest & Park system. Previously a scout camp, this land is going up for sale this upcoming year.

Here in Iowa we do not have many national parks — just two and one is a historic home. It’s our state park system that really shines and creates those important patches of green space across our state. It’s where we camp, fish, hunt, and hike. And it’s where elusive creatures like the Bobcat live, migratory birds gather, and stands of goldenseal thrive.

I just found this this past month about the opportunity for this land to enter the state park system. It is right next to the Loess Hills State Forest and would expand this already established conservation area. And I hate to even think this won’t happen. But what if? More development? Loss of more habitat? Back into private hands and unaccessible for public use? Let’s not go there.

What I am doing to help: I am committing 20% of all art income for the rest of the year to the Iowa Heritage Foundation’s fundraiser. This includes zine and pattern sales, print sales, and original art work sales.

Additionally, Jason and I are committing to this fundraiser as our year end charity donation. It’s not a lot, but it’s what we have to give and everything helps. We really want to see this happen, not just for us, but for health of our state’s ecosystem, our entire community, and future generations to come.

What you can do:

  1. Donate directly to the purchase of the land via Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (great tax-write-off too!).
  2. Purchase a print, zine, book, or original painting and feel good about supporting an independent artist + conservation in Iowa.
  3. Spread the word! Seriously, so many people do not know this is even happening or that the deadline is December 31! Share it on facebook, email friends and family, get the word out.

The Winter Collection of Limited Edition Prints & Cards will be debuting during the Downtown Ames Holiday Open Studio event Saturday, December 10th and then online Monday, December 12th.

The collection is featuring the Northern Hawk Owl, Gray Jay, Boreal Chickadee, Philadelphia Vireo, and Black-Backed Woodpecker.

The timing is perfect to enjoy this new collection + support conservation in Iowa!

Happy Holidays!

Published by kristinMroach

Hi! I am an artist, author, and owner of a modern apothecary called Little Woods in Ames, Iowa.