Getting Curious about Bloody Dock

So sure about its identity as red sorrel, I even wrote it on the original in pen as the title. Then I looked it up and well, it just wasn’t. So if not red sorrel then what? This one really had me stumped and launched a discussion about identifying volunteer plants in the yard, I asked the instagram world if they had any ideas and one long time friend took it as a personal quest to find the answer. And answer they did.

Hello Bloody Dock!

Gouache on watercolor paper, the original is matted and framed for handing (view my online gallery for prints and the original if it’s still available). I hand-built the frame just for this collection of work. The walnut that the wood is sourced from, comes from downed trees in Iowa.

Bloody Dock and all the other Backyard Botanicals are a continuation of the Backyard Ecology Series which gave birth to the Junk Mail Migration birds and the Library of Backyard Ecology.

These en plein air field studies in natural ink and gouache capture the vitality and beauty of even the humblest plant.  Visit the online gallery to see originals and prints available. Native, naturalized, and invasive plants are all captured equally as they appear in my yard throughout the seasons. 

Learn more about Bloody Dock the plant when you explore the portfolio page.

A view from my porch and slightly angled down, I drew and then painted this one starting on a cold rainy morning bundled in a blanket to keep myself warm. I couldn’t believe it was in the 40’s and 50’s. The mist made the leaves particularly vivid and rich in tone. I ended the following week with sunny weather and mid 70’s. I do love May.

Bloody Dock, mid August 2021

Further along in its growth cycle now, this plant continues to intrigue. Look at these great textures, and ALL these seeds. I’m going to collect them and see if I can get several of these lovely plants going.

Supporting Plant Conservation

Like all the other works in this series, when you purchase a print of Bloody Dock, you will be support an artist AND our local conservation organizations. These three organizations create and maintain our few remaining tracks of prairies and woodlands. They also bank native seeds/plant specimens and dedicate themselves to converting roadside land to prairie plantings. Helping erosion, water quality, migration of birds, habitat for toads… so good.

10% of all print sales are donated to Story County Conservation, Iowa Arboretum, and Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

Support our Prairies & Woodlands with your purchase Today

After a bit of time color correcting and testing papers, I’m debuting the 13 x 19″ size print (pictured above) as well as the smaller 5 x 7″ print with the publishing of this post. They make a great gift and are ready to put into any frame. There is enough white space that you can mat it for framing too. Which makes for a great statement piece on your wall.

Become enchanted by your backyard ecosystem. Add Bloody Dock to your home today.

Until next time…

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