The Backyard Botanicals Gouache Collection

Become enchanted by your backyard ecosystem.

Featuring the infinitely complex beauty of native, invasive, and naturalized plants.

Explore each plant in the series to learn more about what you might find in your own backyard, see process images, and more.

These works are a continuation of the Backyard Ecology Series which gave birth to the Junk Mail Migration birds and the Library of Backyard Ecology. These plein air field studies in natural ink and gouache capture the vitality and beauty of even the humblest plant. Native, naturalized, and invasive plants are all captured equally as they appear in my yard throughout the seasons.

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Kristin M Roach

Published by kristinMroach

Hi! I am an artist, author, and owner of a modern apothecary called Little Woods in Ames, Iowa.