Roach Motel Reading Room


As part of the Roach Motel community project, I installed a temporary zine distro/reading room for the XXX Books Books Books XXX exhibit. The exhibit took place at ISU’s Design on Main from January 29 – February 13, 2016 and was coordinated by Ames Collaborative Art, Public Space One, and Iowa State University.

The project served a three fold purpose of exposing people to the awesome medium of Zine making, publicizing the distro hosted year round by the Iowa Music Store, and promoting the Intertwine project for which I made a zine and teach all the crochet and knitting classes – including at the women’s detention center!

New people were emboldened, old friends reconnected, and new friends were made. Over 200 people were in attendance and zines flew off the shelves and into people’s hands.