Begin Again

Begin Again, McFarland Conservation Center

Begin Again, Story County Conservation Center

Begin Again, Art Vacancy 2015 – Skunk River

Kristin M Roach
Begin Again, 2015
Beeswax, bailing wire, linen thread, pine
Dimensions variable – approximately 30 X 96″

Project Overview
After completing the Aura Clonic Tonic installation, a work about my own degenerative neurological experiences – seizures being the brains form of a reboot – I drew a parallel with the notion we are headed for a world wide reboot as we enter another cycle of extinction. What will next emerge from the primordial evolutionary pool as the the next sentient beings of the earth after we finish annihilating ourselves. Though viewed as pessimism, it’s a line of curious thinking that keeps me hopeful for the future. Life will continue, regardless of our own acquiesces to let it go extinct.

Exhibit History
Mini Art Vacancy | Story County Conservation Center | Ames, IA | October 2015
Art Vacancy Free Floating | Skunk River | Ames, IA | September 2015