Intertwine Zine


Kristin M Roach
Intertwine Zine: How to Knit & Crochet
36 Pages,  7 X 8.5″

This project is currently ongoing until May 2016. Please visit the Intertwine project’s website to learn how you can contribute a square foot of fiber to this massive Fiber Bombing!

Printed in conjunction with the Interwine project developed by Jennifer Drinkwater. Intertwine is a community art project that will culminate in the fiber bombing of the facade of the Iowa State University Design on Main extension gallery and studios.

I was hired as a pseudo artist-in-resident for the project to develop an instruction set and promotional zine for the project as well as teach workshops on knitting and crochet. The zine and workshops were paid for in part by the Burning Man Foundation that made this whole thing possible. (thank you!)

The whole thing is about creating a community based art project that not only brings the community socially together, but really supports the community from the bottom up. All the yarn and needles provided by the project were purchased from a local yarn store – except what was given to the project by participants. A local artist (me) was employed and paid fairly to teach workshops, host fiber circles, do outreach at the women’s state detention center and create the above zine. This amazing spectacle after it is installed, is going to be taken down, laundered, and sewn into blankets that will then be donated to local and regional emergency residence projects and shelters.