Cyclical: Works by Kristin M Roach

Cyclical: Works by Kristin M Roach
ISU Design on Main, Ames, IA
July – August 2015

List of Works (incomplete)
Aura-Clonic-Tonic, site-specific installation
Installation of beeswax, linen thread, bailing wire, LED programmed with EEG data of seizure test subject who has seizures similar to my own.

Post-natal, site-specific installation
Graphite, projection
An assemblage of my post birth seizure CT scan into an animation. On the wall I drew in graphite my own profile as depicted by the scans. The drawing is obscured and then revealed over the course of the animation.

Waxing Waning I – VIII, sculptural wall works
Crocheted naturally dyed wool, beeswax, recycled candles
An expression of my own body’s seeming betrayal, each work represent my own body scape – my uterus, my breasts, gall bladder, pancreas, liver, pelvic bones, etc.

Loss Potential I-V, sculpture
Crochet, thread, beeswax
Created while contemplating whether or not to become a mother – to attempt conception. All I hoped for and was terrified of.

Artist Statement on display during Cyclical
Seldom is it that I set out to make a series with a definitive objective. A general idea, a notion of form and presence of the work leads me on an intuitive journey using what I find on-hand, the cast offs from daily life. My studio, the resting place of so many leftovers from my own and others’ projects, has become a playground of discovery and creativity.

The works in Cyclical were created over a seven month span in late 2014 to mid 2015. Readings on contemporary trends in neurobiology permeated my efforts to create a wax membrane over a suspended sculpture. The wax works slowly took on the forms I was reading about, unintentionally at first. But, once a correlation between my studio and my reading was realized, I committed myself fully to the exploration of the inner workings of the body through my art. The link between regeneration of brain cells to adult onset epilepsy was the spark that inspired my use of EEG data of a seizure patient to program the LEDs illuminating the installation piece, Aura – Tonic – Clonic.

Waxing and Waning as well as Loss Potential refers to the cycles of the moon, of women, of life. They were created while reflecting on my own cycle of decay and restoration. I am continually amazed at the intricacy and mystery of my own body.

Bodies are a beautiful and disgusting collection of interworking parts that form a vast landscape comprised of a multitude of fragments. That we are all here for a limited unknown time is marked by a decline in the functionality of those microscopic element. And illness, both mental and physical is a part of every living thing. We are ourselves and that self cannot be separated from the body into which we were born. No matter how we try to transform ourselves, we cannot escape our fundamental, physical self. But, we can change how our bodies function by what we eat and say and sleep and even where we call home. Our body dictates and responds to how we live our lives. Let us live them well.