Aura, 2015
Beeswax, wire, LED’s
approx 5×7′

The first of the triptych site-specific installation, Aura-Clonic-Tonic. The color and intensity of the LED’s shift with the onset of the epileptic episode. Blues and green are more stable brain patterns while the purples, reds, and oranges are intense bursts – the signs of a seizure.

Work Statement

I am continually amazed at the intricacy and mystery of my own body. The works in Cyclical were created over a seven month span in late 2014 to mid 2015. Readings on contemporary trends in neurobiology permeated my efforts to create a wax membrane over a suspended sculpture. The wax works slowly took on the forms I was reading about, unintentionally at first. But, once a correlation between my studio and my reading was realized, I committed myself fully to the exploration of the inner workings of my body through my art. The link between regeneration of brain cells to adult onset epilepsy was the spark that inspired my use of EEG data of a seizure patient to program the LEDs illuminating the installation piece, Aura – Tonic – Clonic.
Bodies are a beautiful and disgusting collection of interworking parts that form a vast landscape comprised of a multitude of fragments. That we are all here for a limited unknown time is marked by a decline in the functionality of those microscopic element. And illness, both mental and physical is a part of every living thing. We are ourselves and that self cannot be separated from the body into which we were born. No matter how we try to transform ourselves, we cannot escape our fundamental, physical self. But, we can change how our bodies function by what we eat and say and sleep and even where we call home. Our body dictates and responds to how we live our lives. Let us live them well.


Exhibit History
Cyclical | ISU Design on Main Gallery | Ames, IA | July, 2015